Government team says that Malaga "is a national reference" in aid for the payment of IBI to disadvantaged groups

Government team says that Malaga "is a national reference" in aid for the payment of IBI to disadvantaged groups

  • The Councilor for Economy and Finance and spokesman for the PP government team, Carlos Conde, stressed that the city of Malaga "is a national reference" in aid to pay the IBI to the most disadvantaged groups.

Thus, he recalled that for this financial year 2017, the City of Malaga, through the autonomous body of Tax Management, maintains support for the less favored groups and families in Malaga with 50 percent of the tax debt and tax rebates on Real Estate, in view of the permanent absence of fiscal measures of solidarity in the tax legislation, as the mayor has done.

Conde has highlighted, in a statement, that the City of Malaga "was not only a pioneer in this type of measures at the national level, but is one of the few municipalities that continues to maintain and approve annually, unlike nearby municipalities such as Seville or Cádiz, among other capitals of Andalusian provinces, which do not have them, has remembered ". Other consistories such as Madrid or Barcelona, ​​has continued, have implemented similar grants, but with less coverage.

In addition, for several years, various municipalities have asked for information and advice from Malaga on how to establish a type of regulation similar to that of the capital of the Costa del Sol.

At this point, Conde has stressed that the average quota of the IBI of the city is among the lowest of the provincial capitals, occupying the 46th position; the lowest of all the great capitals of Spain; and also one of the lowest of the municipalities of the province of Malaga, increasing such difference when added to the rate of collection and treatment of domestic garbage that is not implemented in the city of Malaga.

The councilman of Economy has indicated that "the figures speak for themselves and that there is no better policy of aid to the payment of the IBI than to have the most reduced quotas with respect to other cities". In fact, he cited, a residential property type of 70,000 euros of cadastral value would pay in Seville 513.38 euros, in Torremolinos 686 euros, Marbella 532 euros and in Malaga 315.70 euros. "To these figures we should add the rate of residential garbage collection in Malaga would be zero, so the difference is very important," he said.

Similarly, he added that if it is a business premises with a cadastral value of 110,000 euros, in Seville would pay 1,265 euros, Torremolinos 1,160 euros, Marbella 836 euros and in Malaga the fee would be 496 euros.


In relation to subsidies that are applied in the Regulation of Aid for the payment of IBI to disadvantaged groups, has indicated that since the start-up in 2001, grants and bonuses have been granted to more than 89,800 families from Malaga, with an economic effort of 9,554,904.40 euros.

Count has added that for 2017 it is planned aid and tax rebates to the payment of IBI that could benefit more than 15,000 families from Malaga. Only in aid to the payment of the IBI for less favored groups, the bonuses to large families, the subsidies to the IBI in the social housing of the IMV, the bonuses in the IBI to the housing of VPO, will be reached a figure superior to the two millions of euros.

However, it has stated that in 2017 the slightly more than 245,000 existing homes in Malaga will have a tax rate of IBI almost 39 percent lower than in Seville, 54 percent lower than in Torremolinos and 41 percent lower than in Marbella

The Councilor for Economy has highlighted that this alone reflects the social and solidarity policy of the City of Malaga "against antisocial policies applied in municipalities governed by the socialist party, and without the quotas in these municipalities are paid by the Collection rate of domestic garbage, which does not exist in Malaga ".

In relation to the manifestations of the socialist municipal group, the councilor has indicated that "they use erroneous and comparative data without foundation, since it is not possible to grant aid for the payment of the IBI to those who do not have tax obligations with the aforementioned tax.

On the other hand, has said ignore the reasons that lead to the political group "to confuse the aid to the IBI with tax benefits that the tax itself has for large families, groups to which the bonuses established in the Law of Local Haciendas as it is implemented in other Spanish municipalities, including those governed by the socialist party. "

Also, Conde has indicated that the PSOE "err again by not computing the aid that is granted to the tenants of social housing of the IMV, subsidies that could be granted by the Junta de Andalucía to the social housing that has rented and does not."

About the lack of information, Conde reminded the socialist municipal group of the meetings held with the affected groups and the wide dissemination of this aid program.

Finally, the mayor recalled that, repeatedly, every year the PSOE "held a press conference in similar terms and instead does not agree on measures similar to those of the City of Malaga in those municipalities or autonomous regions where it governs."

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Magazine Save & Finance option

Magazine Save & Finance option

If insured persons do not adjust the life insurance pre-emptive rights, they risk annoyance. Because if the beneficiary is not clearly defined, all too quickly the wrong gets the money of insurance. If, for example, the ex-partner is still registered as a beneficiary despite divorce, it looks bleak for the spouse. Insured should therefore pay attention to these pitfalls.

The subscription right of the insurance company determines who receives the agreed services. For many insurance companies, this is also the policyholder, for example in household insurance. For some hedges, however, it makes more sense to declare another person a beneficiary – as in life insurance or term life insurance. Because with these policies insured mainly want to protect their loved ones in the event of their own death . For example, the amount paid out can then be used to repay the loan for the common house or to secure the financial position of the surviving dependents.

Trip hazard 1: Beneficiaries not divorced during divorce

The subscription right plays an important role, especially in life insurance. In view of the approximately 35 million endowment and term life insurance policies in Germany, each policyholder should therefore know exactly who the beneficiary is. But as is often the case with insurance, the contracts land once agreed in the file folder, dust there and fall into oblivion . This can be fatal. If, for example, the beneficiary is “the spouse”, then he also gets the insurance money – regardless of whether the policyholder has divorced in the meantime and has meanwhile touched the ring on a new partner .

Insured persons should therefore regularly check whether the beneficiary, such as the life insurance, has changed. In addition, accurate formulations are important. Either the beneficiary is mentioned by name and the date of birth is also noted. Or general statements are made so concrete that ambiguities are excluded. For example, instead of “the spouse”, it should read “the partner living with the policyholder in the event of an insured event”.

Bezugsrecht Versicherung - Familie

Man, woman, child or house as
Protect beneficiaries

Trip hazard 2: Irrevocable subscription right granted

There is the revocable and the irrevocable subscription right. In most cases, the subscription right is revocable. On the one hand, this gives beneficiaries the right to the insurance benefit in the event of an emergency – in the case of term life or life insurance, this is the death of the insured person. On the other hand, the beneficiary can be changed by the policyholder at any time . It is important that the insurer is informed accordingly in writing. A simple note waiting for his discovery in the local dresser is not enough.

In the case of irrevocable subscription rights, beneficiaries receive the right to disbursement of the money immediately and not only in the event of an insurance claim. This does not mean they are paid the sum insured before the insured dies. Instead, this has the consequence that the beneficiary can only be changed with his consent. For example, anyone who has granted the first wife the irrevocable subscription right but has fallen in love again and remarried after divorce can only appoint a new beneficiary with the consent of the ex-wife . In the event of assignment and seizure of the insurance, the policyholder also needs the consent of the beneficiary in the case of an irrevocable subscription right.

The subscription right is irrevocably agreed, for example, if the business partner is to be covered by a term life insurance when founding a company . Especially here the sudden death of a partner can endanger the existence of the newly founded company. In the case of irrevocable subscription rights , the insurance money may not be seized and is thus protected against the access of the creditors in the case of indebted insured persons .

Trip hazard 3: Beneficiary is not informed

If beneficiaries do not know that they are employed as beneficiaries of life insurance, the heirs of the deceased have the option of preventing the payment. From a legal point of view, the naming of a beneficiary is the offer of a gift of death benefit. However, if the beneficiary does not know about the offer, he can not accept it . In addition, the so concluded donation contract only finally applies if the money of the insurance was paid to the beneficiary. As long as this is not the case, the heirs can revoke the gift offer and ensure that the beneficiary of the life insurance is not paid a penny .

For this reason, not only the beneficiary should be informed that he is entitled to money in the death of the insured. To be on the safe side, it is also advisable for the beneficiary and the policyholder to sign a notarised donation agreement so that the donation is legally secure.

Stumbling trap 4: death of the beneficiary

If the beneficiary of the insurance dies in front of the policyholder, a new beneficiary can be appointed – but only with the revocable subscription right. If no beneficiary is employed, the insured sum will be transferred to the estate in the event of claim and thus belongs to the entitled heir. If the right is irrevocably settled, the claim passes to the heirs of the beneficiary. However, anyone who does not want this can agree that the right ends or expires with the death of the beneficiary.

Bezugsrecht Versicherung - Steuern sparen

The sum insured may be before
Tax protected

Trip hazard 5: pay taxes

On the disbursed sum insured to the beneficiaries taxes may be incurred , for example inheritance or gift tax. In the case of married and registered partnerships, however, inheritance tax is not so strong as there are large allowances of 500,000 euros before taxes are incurred. For children, the limit is 400,000 euros. However, spouses can completely avoid inheritance tax with a simple legal trick . For this purpose, the policyholder may not be the insured person at the same time.

For example, if a family wants to protect themselves against the death of the main earner, such as the husband, with a term life insurance, the policyholder should not be the man but the wife. The insured person whose death is secured is the man. It is important that the insurance premiums are demonstrably paid by the policyholder.


News 5 strong alternatives to life insurance

News 5 strong alternatives to life insurance News always well informed

Saturday, 03.12.16 , written by Anja Schlicht With the life insurance reform law, life insurance is clearly losing its appeal. Not only the participation in surpluses is being redefined, the guaranteed interest rate is also decreasing once more. Fortunately, there are some life insurance alternatives, but not all of 

 Einige starke Alternativen zur Lebensversicherung

Alternatives to life insurance promise return

The Life Insurance Reform Act has been passed. Although it should preserve the life insurance as one of the most important forms of old-age provision in Germany, said Finance Minister Schäuble. However, as a private pension, the life insurance is put on the siding with the law, especially as the guaranteed interest rate was reduced to 0.9 percent as of 1 January 2017. With inflation between one and a half and two percent, this means there are hardly any return options for newly concluded classic contracts – even with surpluses. It is therefore urgent time to look for alternatives to life insurance.

Alternative 1: state-subsidized old-age provision

There are some alternatives to life insurance. Anyone who attaches great importance to security – one of the central arguments in favor of taking out a life insurance policy – can take a look at state-subsidized pension products such as Rürup Rente. Although the sinking guaranteed interest rate on some offers also has a negative effect here. But with the state subsidies for the Riester pension and the tax advantages of the Rürup pension, many stately financial cushions can be built up for retirement. Recent Rürup pension tests show the best deals.

Service: Ask for a non-binding pension offer and find out about the form of pension plan that best secures your retirement.

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2. Alternative call money and time deposit: Much security – Low interest rates

Another safer alternative to life insurance is day and time deposit accounts . The invested money is protected even in bankruptcy of the bank up to 100,000 euros by the deposit insurance . Investors therefore do not need to fear losses in the face of new turbulence on the financial markets. In addition, they can rely on their money comparatively flexible . But “if I invest my money safely, I can not expect high interest rates, ” explained Ralf Scherfling of the consumer center North Rhine-Westphalia to the news agency dpa. Interest rates on term money accounts are sometimes so low that they can not offset inflation. De facto, the investments passbook, deposit to minus business.

3. Alternative to life insurance: real estate

While the persistently low interest rates on the capital markets make life insurance companies difficult, another alternative to life insurance benefits from the low-interest phase: construction rates are extremely low. With the appropriate comparatively cheap finance their own home. With your own four walls not only rents are saved, but they also serve as a private pension. For real estate financing, however, a few thousand euros should already be available as equity. So this alternative is not suitable for every person.

Alternative Number 4: Funds

Another alternative to life insurance requires some courage. But the risk can be rewarded by high returns . Because instead of monthly pay into a life insurance, savers and investors can also invest in funds . Either a large sum or a small amount on a monthly basis can be invested in real estate or equity funds, for example, by means of a fund savings plan. The advantage over individual stocks is that the risk of capital loss is dispersed. The investment comparison calculator shows interested parties which offers are available depending on their willingness to take risks and the duration of their investment. But if you want to work more deeply with certain products together with a financial expert, you should request a non-binding investment offer.

5. Alternative to life insurance: Farewell to the guaranteed interest

Last but not least, life insurers themselves offer alternatives. For example, some providers have opted out of the guaranteed interest rate – ie the interest rate of the savings account that the insurer has at least guaranteed. Instead, they offer new collateral and higher return opportunities with new guarantees . Well-known offerings include AXA Relax Pension, Ergo Pension and Allianz Perspektive.

  • Here you will find tips and more information about life insurance. >
  • Anja Schlicht
  • editorial staff

More news about life insurance

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If volunteers receive a small allowance, they must send their income tax return to the tax office in an authenticated form this year. Accordingly, they must not only send the declaration electronically, but they must also be certified in advance at the electronic tax office ( “Since the registration can take a few days, sufferers should register in time,” advises Isabel Klocke of the Taxpayers’ Association.

Image: Tax Office

Behind the change is the obligation that more and more tax returns must be sent electronically to the tax office. Only employees and seniors who have no other income may fill the paper forms with the pencil. If a few more euros, for example from a voluntary activity, are added, the declaration must be sent electronically authenticated.

“Especially for employees who work part-time, for example, in a club children, the innovation is first unusual,” says Klocke. As a rule, they do not have to pay any taxes for the income from the exercise of the activity or the voluntary work: for volunteers up to 720 euros a year are tax-free and for instructors even 2400 euros. Nevertheless, the income must be entered in the income tax return.

If the activity is not carried out under an employment relationship, this now triggers the obligation to participate in the authenticated procedure. The so-called compressed tax return, in which one sent the tax return electronically to the tax office, but then sent a paper print with his signature by post, is no longer possible for independent trainers and volunteers taxpayers. The handwritten signature will be replaced by the electronic signature.
“Only in cases of hardship a tax in paper form is still allowed,” explains Klocke. This is conceivable for pensioners, for example, who do not have a computer at home and are volunteers.


Cologne – If you want to convert valuable jewelry, coins or dental gold into face value, you should act with caution. Because in the industry, there are not only reputable dealers.

Picture: Woman is waving money 

Grandma’s old jewelry box often has a few surprises in store: gold necklaces, matching earrings or brooches. And if the taste of the new owner is not 100 percent met, many people decide to make the precious things to money. This can really pay off financially. However, it should be noted that the price of gold fluctuates widely.

Beware of hawkers

“Accordingly, one can hardly say whether – despite the still high price – a good time is for sale”, explains Christian Urban from the consumer center North Rhine-Westphalia. “Before a sale, consumers should definitely inform themselves about the reliability and seriousness of the buyer,” adds Joachim Dünkelmann, Managing Director of the Federal Association of jewelers, jewelery and watch specialist stores in Cologne.

Beware of hawkers – including crooks. “Scammers like to visit their victims at home, for example, disguised as antique dealers,” reports Urban. They pretend to be interested in furs, porcelain and also old gold. If you then have a valuable piece of jewelry in your hands, you want to take it with you “for the purpose of testing purity”. Their commitment to sign up the next day, they do not stop: The swindlers and the gold disappeared without a trace.

If in doubt, get several offers

Who wants to make jewelry, gold teeth or silverware money, is in good hands with established dealers, goldsmiths or jewelers. “If in doubt, consumers should seek quotes from several sites and price comparisons for one and the same piece,” advises Thomas Weiss, Head of Sales and Precious Metals Services at the General Gold and Silver Disposition Panel (Agosi) in Pforzheim.

As a rule, worn jewelry is broken down into its components in the slaughterhouse. Gold and silver are melted down again. Before there is money for the seller. At the dealer or jeweler of trust, the piece to be sold comes on the scales. In the presence of the owner, of course. Then it’s about checking the fineness of the gold. “The fine metal content of the alloy of the piece of jewelry is crucial to determine the value,” explains Weiss. Common alloys in gold are about 8 carats. The hallmark here is 333, which corresponds to a fine gold content of 33.3 percent; 14 carats (hallmark 585) correspond to a fine gold content of 58.5 percent. At 18 carats, the hallmark is 750 – a fine gold content of 75 percent. “The hallmark is often found as a small imprint on the pieces of jewelry,” says Weiss.

Payout per gram of gold

The seller gets money per gram of gold. In addition, if necessary, a surcharge for incorporated gems. “It should be clarified whether the very valuable platinum and palladium shares in dental gold are also tempered,” recommends consumer protector Urban. When examining the part to be sold, fees are due. “Most jewelers often offer the purchase of old gold against credit when buying new jewelery,” explains Dünkelmann. In his view, this form of trade-in is often beneficial to the consumer. Those who would rather have cash for their piece must be prepared to pay 30 percent of the value as a fee to the dealer or jeweler. The costs are incurred, among other things, for the assessment and weighing, the value transfer to the Scheideanstalt and the smelting.

It is possible to sell old gold at a Scheideanstalt. “But this is only worthwhile for larger contingents, since the costs for melt and analysis are deducted regardless of the quantity,” says Weiss. Gold can also be sold over the Internet: Dealers offer to have old gold sent by post – afterwards it is checked, weighed and paid. “When selling over the Internet old gold owners should be particularly critical and to inform themselves about the provider,” Urban advises. In addition, it should be checked whether the shipment of the gold is insured.

Craftsmanship or emotional values ​​are not remunerated

It also has to be clarified on which day the gold price is calculated – after all, the gold price can fluctuate considerably in the short time between the sending of the gold and the payday. “It is also important that the customer can reject the price offer, if it seems too low,” says Urban. No matter how the sale is done: “Suppliers should be aware that they usually receive the pure gold price for their piece,” explains Dünkelmann. The craftsmanship or even the emotional value – that is not remunerated.

How Does An Online Payday Loan Online Work?

In the event you fulfill all previously mentioned condition then you will see no problem in applying for these types of loans even if you are very bad credit holder. Applicants that fears about presenting collateral can now likewise feel happy. It will have no requirement of virtually any collateral from you to obtain these loans.

I am talking about $250k inside private money that has been 2 inches from your goal line. At that time, that amount of funds could have generated concerning $100-$150k in twelve-monthly gross profit for me personally.

To acquire Instant direct lender payday loans online from guaranteed accredited you have to fulfill selected basic eligibility situations. This includes attaining a real age of at least 20 years and a permanent task in a firm together with minimum salary involving $1000 per month. In addition, you must hold the valid account in a very bank.

An instant personal loan is known by many people names. Sometimes it is called a quick cash loan. Sometimes it is called a guaranteed payday loan laws overview. Each of these names refers to exactly the same kind of loan, a high attention loan that does not usually need a credit check and that can be obtained generally on the same day (if not really within the same hour) from the application. In addition to a high rate of interest, these loans usually include hefty fees. Many loan companies feel that is the price to become paid for instant personal loans. Assured the people applying for these financing will not agree.

Credit rating arises from non-payments, arrears, fails, bankruptcy etc. Any differences in your account can cause an adverse impact on your ability to obtain credit facilities. In such situation, low-interest rates are difficult to get. You will never be treated on par with those getting sound financial history. But simultaneously you should not get trapped within loans charging extremely higher interests. Reasonable rates continue to be possible through loans with poor credit and payment plan plus auto loans.

Our Service assists vehicle buyer’s thought-out the UNITED STATES who have been turned away from conventional dealerships pre-qualify for poor credit auto loans and finance company for bad credit loans approval if you need money in Delaware regardless of credit score problems or car loan transaction history.

The primary condition with regard to granting us the re-financing is to have a home in whose value must be greater than the sum of the all our outstanding financial loans (including mortgage if any). In fact, the operation is very simple, we pay quite high-interest rates for our personal loan finance company (between 10% and 20%) to pay for mortgage interest rate on our brand new mortgage (about 2% or even 3%), thus saving is very remarkable.

The best thing within the whole process is the option. Instead of your approaching the businesses you have the power of choosing the ones that support your situation the most. It also means that with a number of options you can settle for one which offers cheap car loan price.

Get an auto loan from a financial institution or preferably from a credit score union. Avoid going for an economic product available from a seller. Dealers usually add a number of percentage points to the rate of interest and push it up even more. Credit unions, on the other hand, are usually known to offer lower rates of interest.

You might have seen advertisements which suggest that home mortgage rates are “near historic lows”. Everyone wants to possess their own home, but if you need to save money, then check the home elevators your credit report first. A “bad credit mortgage” or “bad credit home loan” may carry higher fees plus interest rates. The Federal Business Commission, Fair Isaac, (the inventor of FICO credit score scores) and many other financial professionals recommend that before you apply for a mortgage loan or even go shopping for a home, check the information on your credit history.

Don’t get confused using the various gadcapital 🎯🎯 short term loan interest rate right here options. Associated with the right choice now simply by approaching cheap personal loan firm. These companies take the obligation to provide a suitable solution for that needs of a particular customer. They study the personal requirements of the borrower and recommend a suitable solution. They will assist you to secure a favorable mortgage deal.