Government team says that Malaga "is a national reference" in aid for the payment of IBI to disadvantaged groups

  • The Councilor for Economy and Finance and spokesman for the PP government team, Carlos Conde, stressed that the city of Malaga "is a national reference" in aid to pay the IBI to the most disadvantaged groups.

Thus, he recalled that for this financial year 2017, the City of Malaga, through the autonomous body of Tax Management, maintains support for the less favored groups and families in Malaga with 50 percent of the tax debt and tax rebates on Real Estate, in view of the permanent absence of fiscal measures of solidarity in the tax legislation, as the mayor has done.

Conde has highlighted, in a statement, that the City of Malaga "was not only a pioneer in this type of measures at the national level, but is one of the few municipalities that continues to maintain and approve annually, unlike nearby municipalities such as Seville or Cádiz, among other capitals of Andalusian provinces, which do not have them, has remembered ". Other consistories such as Madrid or Barcelona, ​​has continued, have implemented similar grants, but with less coverage.

In addition, for several years, various municipalities have asked for information and advice from Malaga on how to establish a type of regulation similar to that of the capital of the Costa del Sol.

At this point, Conde has stressed that the average quota of the IBI of the city is among the lowest of the provincial capitals, occupying the 46th position; the lowest of all the great capitals of Spain; and also one of the lowest of the municipalities of the province of Malaga, increasing such difference when added to the rate of collection and treatment of domestic garbage that is not implemented in the city of Malaga.

The councilman of Economy has indicated that "the figures speak for themselves and that there is no better policy of aid to the payment of the IBI than to have the most reduced quotas with respect to other cities". In fact, he cited, a residential property type of 70,000 euros of cadastral value would pay in Seville 513.38 euros, in Torremolinos 686 euros, Marbella 532 euros and in Malaga 315.70 euros. "To these figures we should add the rate of residential garbage collection in Malaga would be zero, so the difference is very important," he said.

Similarly, he added that if it is a business premises with a cadastral value of 110,000 euros, in Seville would pay 1,265 euros, Torremolinos 1,160 euros, Marbella 836 euros and in Malaga the fee would be 496 euros.


In relation to subsidies that are applied in the Regulation of Aid for the payment of IBI to disadvantaged groups, has indicated that since the start-up in 2001, grants and bonuses have been granted to more than 89,800 families from Malaga, with an economic effort of 9,554,904.40 euros.

Count has added that for 2017 it is planned aid and tax rebates to the payment of IBI that could benefit more than 15,000 families from Malaga. Only in aid to the payment of the IBI for less favored groups, the bonuses to large families, the subsidies to the IBI in the social housing of the IMV, the bonuses in the IBI to the housing of VPO, will be reached a figure superior to the two millions of euros.

However, it has stated that in 2017 the slightly more than 245,000 existing homes in Malaga will have a tax rate of IBI almost 39 percent lower than in Seville, 54 percent lower than in Torremolinos and 41 percent lower than in Marbella

The Councilor for Economy has highlighted that this alone reflects the social and solidarity policy of the City of Malaga "against antisocial policies applied in municipalities governed by the socialist party, and without the quotas in these municipalities are paid by the Collection rate of domestic garbage, which does not exist in Malaga ".

In relation to the manifestations of the socialist municipal group, the councilor has indicated that "they use erroneous and comparative data without foundation, since it is not possible to grant aid for the payment of the IBI to those who do not have tax obligations with the aforementioned tax.

On the other hand, has said ignore the reasons that lead to the political group "to confuse the aid to the IBI with tax benefits that the tax itself has for large families, groups to which the bonuses established in the Law of Local Haciendas as it is implemented in other Spanish municipalities, including those governed by the socialist party. "

Also, Conde has indicated that the PSOE "err again by not computing the aid that is granted to the tenants of social housing of the IMV, subsidies that could be granted by the Junta de Andalucía to the social housing that has rented and does not."

About the lack of information, Conde reminded the socialist municipal group of the meetings held with the affected groups and the wide dissemination of this aid program.

Finally, the mayor recalled that, repeatedly, every year the PSOE "held a press conference in similar terms and instead does not agree on measures similar to those of the City of Malaga in those municipalities or autonomous regions where it governs."

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Government team says that Malaga "is a national reference" in aid for the payment of IBI to disadvantaged groups